The lionfish have invaded our waters and in the past five years they are winning the battle to control our reefs.  Some reefs are completely covered with the invasive species.  There is no shortage of research that shows they have an incredible appetite for baby fish (fingerlings), lobster, and crabs.

Our own fisherman style research has confirmed this as many of the lionfish bellies are full of fingerling snapper and crabs in addition to other bait fish that reef fish depend on for survival.  Our team here at Blue Water Escape Charters does not plan to sit back and let these fish over take our reefs.  We need your help to remove the lionfish so the native fish can once again live free on the reef.  Join the Lionfish Eradication Team by bringing your Lionfish gear or rent a lionfish eradication kit from us which includes the perfect sized pole spear, and lionfish containment system.   The captain will clean your Lionfish for tips at the end of the trip as is customary, but he may only extend that offer to a limited number since lion fish catches can go into the hundreds.


I chartered Capt Josh and Capt Charles for research dives on nGOM lionfish. They are great to work with: incredibly knowledge, helpful and friendly. They do not cut corners, especially on safety. I would recommend and use them again for research or recreational diving.

Holden Harris
Holden Harris