Red Snapper

Red Snapper

Red snapper are easily the most sought after fish in the Gulf of Mexico.  They are also one of the most abundant fish found on our reefs.   It’s difficult to imagine deep sea fishing in the Gulf without the famous american red snapper coming to mind.

Red snapper are found on natural and artificial reefs.  We have seen them as shallow as 20 feet, but typically find them in good stocks on reefs deeper than 50 feet.  We have boated them from as far as 400 feet below!  Our most productive reefs for red snapper are in 100 to 200 feet of water.

These reef fish are typically caught while bottom fishing.  One of the best ways to catch red snapper is by using live baits such as cigar minnows, herring or pinfish.   However, when live bait is not available, frozen bait works well.  These fish also respond to jigs when properly presented.

Red snapper of all sizes are feisty, but the larger will truly test your ability.  When fishing for red snapper, an average catch is in the 5 to 15 lb range.  However, fish up to 25 lbs are not uncommon off the coast of Destin, Fort Walton Beach and Navarre.  The current Florida state record is 46 pounds 8 ounces, caught in the waters off Destin.

Red snapper are very tasty and sell for a premium in markets and restaurants.  They are delicious any way you cook them and are most commonly grilled, blackened, fried or baked.    Take your time and find a good recipe, red snapper is among the best eating fish available.

If you are interested in catching red snapper, you’ll need at least a 5 hour trip.  However, if you want to hunt the big boy, a 6 to 8 hour trip is best.    This gives the Captain time to get out to the best fishing grounds.  You can check out our trips by clicking here.

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