Gulf of Mexico SCUBA Diving

Gulf of Mexico SCUBA Diving



Most people don’t realize the quality of diving the Northern Gulf of Mexico offers.  We have hundreds of dive sites that include wrecks, natural reefs, purpose built artificial reefs, and unusual sites like military tanks and airplanes.  Our visibility can be top to bottom at times and our fish populations have no rivals.  Our sites are not crowed with divers, and it is very rare for us to share a site with another boat.  So, if you want to dive great sites, enjoy good visibility, and do it only with the people in your party, come visit the Gulf Coast and choose Blue Water Escape Charters for your trip.

This video was taken on our first trip of 2018.  The Wreck is the Joseph C. Brown 0ff Navarre Beach and the reef is Disco Reef off Fort Walton Beach.

This video was shot by Tazz Felde.  He is Blue Water Escape’s multi-talented divemaster and a PADI instructor.  You can check out some of his other videos on our video page.


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