2024 Fishing Season

2024 Fishing Season


The 2024 fishing charter season has arrived and the abundant waters of the Gulf of Mexico await your plunder.  Our waters are loaded with healthy stocks of reef fish such as snapper and grouper. As the weather and water warm up, the cobia, mahi, and  king mackerel will arrive and bring even more excitement.  The spanish mackerel have already started biting.

Many of the species we target are in season all year round, but some have closed periods.

The pelagic fish like cobia, mackerel and mahi are in season all year round, but only available when the water is warm.  Generally May-November.

Mingo snapper, mangrove snapper, and almaco jacks are in season year round

Scamp grouper is closed seaward of 120 feet from 1 February to March 31.

Red snapper should open on June 1st and stay open till the beginning of August.

Grouper will likely open September 1st and close sometime in October.

Triggerfish  is open from 1 March to 31 May and then could open back up in August through the end of the year.

Amberjack will likely open on August 1st and close before September.


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